Kyocera solar panels are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency. We carry the latest Kyocera KD 200-60 P Series PV modules. Solar panels in the Kyocera KD 200-60 Solar Panel Series have an improved frame (3G-Frame) to allow end mounting. This new solar module frame Increases solar panel system grounding options and flexibility.

Kyocera KD200-60 P Series solar panels use highly efficient 156mm x 156mm solar cells.

The KD200-60 line uses a locking plug-in connector and a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame. These larger, more powerful solar cells improve power output per solar panel. The three-bus bar circuitry along with Kyocera’s modern solar cell technology ensures higher output per module. These are perfect for residential grid-tie systems.

Key Parameters of Kyocera Solar Modules

1) 40+ Years of Experience

2) Vertically-integration Production

3) Cell Efficiency 18.4%

4) 25 Years Performance, Record: 9.6% output drop

5) First Commercial, Installation in 1979

6) Module Efficiency 16%+