EV Charging

Snel Charge India Private Limited


Snel Charge India Private Limited, incorporated in 2018, is Chemi Tech Group’s fully owned subsidiary.

Primarily, it engages in the following activities:


  • Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers on Build, Operate and Own basis
  • Repair, Operation & Maintenance of Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  • Complete Electrical works, including transformers, substations, overhead lines, switchgear and LT HT panel work
  • Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Chargers (AC Type-II)


Snel Charge was involved in commissioning of the 1st ever DC Fast Charger in India, at Niti Aayog, in New Delhi in 2018.


As part of our offerings in EV Charging Infrastructure space, we carry out the following activities for our clients:


  1. Site Checks: Personalized counseling, site surveys and site planning
  2. Design: Bill of Material, load analysis, design and drawings
  3. Supply & Installation: Turn-key supply & installation services, including Liasoning with the local bodies
  4. Commissioning: All types of EV Charging Products, right from AC Wallbox chargers to DC Charging stations
  5. Operation & Maintenance: Periodic checks, manpower supply to stand-alone charging stations, preventive and prescriptive maintenance
  6. Repair & Service: helpline support services, minimum downtime guarantees, spare-part stocking 
  7. Retrofitting Services: Decommissioning of chargers, shifting of chargers, replacement of chargers


Due to our Group’s pan-India presence, we have installed chargers in the following cities:


  1. Delhi NCR
  2. Pune
  3. Mumbai
  4. Ahmedabad
  5. Chennai
  6. Bangalore
  7. Hyderabad

Lithium Ion Battery-Pack Repair


Lithium Ion batteries, though, found everywhere, are very hazardous to store and repair. Even a small battery in a hand-held device is capable of causing a significant damage to the owner.

Thus, we believe that Li-ion Battery packs for automobiles needs to be handled and repaired extremely carefully and within a controlled environment.

Snel Charge plans to establish Li-ion battery pack repair centers in 18 cities of the country by 2024.

The repair rooms will have state-of-the-art facilities to pack, unpack, store and repair battery packs for automobiles. The rooms will be temperature controlled and will have explosion-proof features.